Early Education Ensures a Brighter Future

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Creating a Love for Learning

Children are eager learners, love to participate, and are great discoverers. It is important children are allowed to explore, have the opportunity to build confidence in their own ideas and develop their own skills.

The Children's Place Early Care & Learning Center,  we assist in cultivating positive behavior, help bring out the best in your child, and prepare them to be lifelong learners.

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  • (201) 507-8811
  • cplace2004@gmail.com
  • 276 Park Ave
  • Rutherford, NJ

Tours Available Upon Request

Tours are provided for parents and children throughout the year. We invite you to bring your child, meet our staff at our learning center.

A Home Away From Home For Your Precious Child. 

We provide hands on care in a loving environment.


"the staff really are great with the children, always putting their safety and well being above anything else! I highly recommend!".

"I really like the personal attention she gets and they even helped start my baby on solids!"

"This is a really great daycare. It is small and personal, just what I wanted".

I have sent both my daughters here and if the center went to 12th grade both of my children would still be here!"